Gloria Castillo


Gloria is the most thorough and thoughtful realtor I have ever met, not just some days, but all the time. She helped with the process of a short sale process of my home. She had the patience it took to work with the bank in getting this place sold. Thank you, Gloria Castillo. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to sell their home. Maria Marez

Gloria expertise and knowledge far exceeded my expectations. She came to my home on a Friday night with little warning that I needed to sell my home quickly to purchase another one and had it staged and listed in 24 hours. Her follow thru and attention to details were very comforting to me and had several offers within a week. She got the job done. She an expert in the west valley and I highly recommend her to list/sell your home. Patricia Moreno P

I came to Gloria with help of finding a rental home. She convinces me to buy a home and promised to stand by my side throughout the whole process. I believed this was not possible for me to own a home. She also promised that I would come in with fewer amounts of money then renting a home. As nervous as I was, I took that chance. Gloria has excellent knowledge of the local market, the properties available, market prices, and strategies for making offering prices and terms. In addition, she has provided excellent service and follow-up. I was able to close on my 4 bedroom home with no down payment or closing cost! I now have a “home” for my children. Jannell P

It was a pleasure working with Gloria Castillo. She was extremely knowledgeable and the best part was, she was an unbiased guide for the whole home buying process. She lives in the area we were looking in and had great knowledge and is always keeping up with the latest market tends.   Elizabeth Wrisk

Gloria was incredibly helpful, from start to finish. We had to close on our California home and were determined to move to Arizona but not familiar with the areas. Gloria had the patience to show us many different cities and until we found our home about a two month later. It was wonderful having her nearby to help us with everything we needed, it didn’t matter what time, and she always answered her phone and emails. Her advice was focused and unbiased, and she was always willing to go the extra mile to get us our house. George & Lynn Blandino

Gloria turned out to be an angel. I was new and nervous about buying a home and she held my hand throughout the whole process and never made me feel dumb. It was nice to know that I could call or send her an email, she would answer quickly. She listened to what my criteria were and found the house that I now call home. She even made the loan process less stressful. She has a keen memory and excellent people skills. She really is the best. I highly recommend her. Tim

Gloria helped us buy our dream home. She is a thorough professional, highly responsive and knowledgeable about the Westside housing market. She showed us a variety of properties and had all the market analysis in order. Once the offer of our dream house was accepted, she scheduled all the necessary inspections in a short duration and worked closely with me and the lender to ensure a smooth process. She is absolutely the best! I highly recommend her. Mike & Natalie Pena

Gloria is an amazing individual, and an even more fantastic realtor! Although, I do have realtors in the family, I choose her to help me buy my home and then again when I decided to sell. She is always a pleasure to work with, and we enjoyed every step of the process because she made it stress free. Gloria is extremely knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the home buying and selling process, which definitely made us feel absolutely comfortable and confident. We’ll definitely be working with Gloria again, and more importantly, we have made a new friend! Daniel & Karla G

My mom had lived in her home for the last 45 years, after my father passed away, she had learn more debt was connected to the home and needed to move. I had never bought a home and Gloria helped my mother and I find a home that fit us and one that we love. She was quick to answer questions, we had lots of questions, and helped keep our stress level down during the process. To top it off, she found a down payment program and was able to get the seller to pay all closing cost helping us with cost to close our deal. I recommend Gloria to anyone in the wanting to buy or sell their home. Nannette & Estella Cantu

I recommend Gloria to anyone buying a home. After viewing many homes and was not finding what I was looking for…we started looking at new builds. After signing a contract with the new build, the agent of the new build called and said I did not qualify. Gloria would not take no for an answer and we are now living in our new home. Thank you Gloria for all your help and keeping my spirits up throughout this process. Yvonne B

Thank you so much Gloria for helping in the process of selling my parents’ home. Thank you for the patience you had with the siblings. Gloria took the time to answer all our questions and was honest about the value of the home and what to expect. She gave her recommendations and allowed us to make decision without pressure on her end. My siblings and I are very happy with the outcome. Helen Gonzales

On August 25 we were blessed to finally buy our new home. We have been renting for six years and finally wanted a place to call home. We first tried with a bank and they didn’t help or convince us so we decided to put it on hold for a couple more years. After talking to Gloria Castillo and not thinking we would get approved, we decided to try again. Not only did she get us approved through her lender but was able to get us on a down payment program. Coming in with only a $1000 we were able to move into the home of our dreams with a huge backyard. I would like to thank Gloria Castillo and Amber Ruiz for helping us find the home of our dreams. We recommend Gloria Castillo to anyone that has an interest in buying or selling their home. Angel Leyva and Monique Chavez

I just want to say thank you Gloria Castillo for selling my parents’ home. This was a probate sale and Gloria had the patience to work with two sellers and the attorney involved. She helped in easing our minds and getting the home sold. During the process, Gloria also helped my brother and family buy a home. I recommend Gloria to anyone that has an interest in buying a home. John R.